December 14, 2023

Property Maintenance Guide

by Natasha Sumboo in Uncategorised

Stay protected during Winter with our Property Maintenance Guide, to help protect your home. As winter slowly creeps up on us this year, it can be easy to forget the impact the colder months can have on your home.

Not adopting a proactive maintenance response can have serious detrimental consequences on the safety and value of your property.

With the temperature dropping, the impact this places on your home can present a variety of risks such as falling leaves and frozen pipes. These risks can not only physically endanger residents but increase the likelihood of having to make an insurance claim. Our expert insurance partner, Alexander Bonhill, have created an insightful property maintenance guide to ensure you are equipped to keep your property safe and secure.

This guide covers the topics of wear and tear, escape of water, external maintenance, trace and access. Alexander Bonhill define what is officially meant by these terms, long term preventative measures and the areas affected. Find out more below to protect your properties throughout the coming months.

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