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HML Newsletter (June edition)

Welcome to the latest edition of the HML Newsletter. We are excited to share with you the latest insights and updates in the property sector, offering expert advice from our credible and capable team.

Property Maintenance Guide

Stay protected during Winter with our Property Maintenance Guide, to help protect your home. As winter slowly creeps up on us this year, it can be easy to forget the impact the colder months can have on your home.

Leaseholder Protections – Update

If you are a landlord of a relevant building, under the leaseholder protections, it is important you are made aware that there have been some important changes to the legislation that we would like to update you on.

freehold, leasehold & COMMONHOLD

In England and Wales, there are 3 types of homeownerships, or otherwise known as tenure*. These are freehold, leasehold and commonhold (which is in effect a different way of holding freehold property).