July 29, 2022

Building Safety Fund REOPENS

by Natasha Sumboo in Uncategorised

On 28 July 2022, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has announced that the government’s £4.5 billion Building Safety Fund has reopened for new applications. Visit Gov.UK for more information.


Here you will find guidance on how to apply, how it works and more information on what can be expected during the application process.

Owners of buildings over 18 metres with cladding related issues can now check their eligibility for the Building Safety Fund and submit an application. However, it is for building owners, landlords or developers to fund any necessary repairs, in the first instance.

the following supporting information for the building safety fund has been published on gov.uk:

  • For updates to the existing Building Safety Fund page, which contains BSF 2020 guidance, still relevant to some existing applicants:


  • For the most recent Building Safety Fund 2022, which contains new guidance and is relevant to new and some existing applicants:


  • For updates to the Building Safety Fund for leaseholders and residents:


Since its launch in 2020, £1.3 billion has already been allocated towards making homes safe. This new round of funding is to further continue keeping homes safe, using an approach that is risk-driven and proportionate, with the top priority being people’s safety.

Our Health and Safety service provision is on hand, should you require more information on building safety. Get in touch and speak with our team of highly qualified and competent inspectors. Alternatively, you can also contact your local Property Manager.