Tenant Financial Hardship

HML put our clients and tenants at the centre of everything we do. Please let us reassure you that we have always worked with both tenants and landlords to help resolve issues with payment in times of hardship. This situation is no different although potentially on a larger scale. We will continue to operate in the same diligent manner during the current period. The most important thing is that the channel of communication remains open and honest. We can not begin to consider options until we know the full situation and what the impact is to all parties. Subsequently, any decisions with regards to the payment of rent will be made in accordance with Government guidance and following consultation with the individual client concerned. The decision will ultimately not be ours to make.

We are aware of the measures the Government have proposed in order to support a variety of people and businesses. We will continue to monitor the situation, with more measures expected over the coming days. At the present time it is unclear what conditions and restrictions the mortgage companies may put in place for people to demonstrate financial hardship and request assistance with mortgage payments. Until the situation is clearer our clients will be very much in the dark.

For the time being we would ask our tenants to continue to make payment of their rent in accordance with their tenancy agreements. If the situation should change they must then contact us immediately so we can discuss and agree a way forward.

These are unusual and unsettling times for everyone and we will do what we can to help all parties where we are able to.