Emergencies & Incidents

On rare occasions, a major incident or emergency may occur at any property, including those under our management.

Accidents and incidents can occur at any time of day, and under any circumstance, so it is important to remain as calm as possible.  Staying calm will help you make wise decisions to keep you, your loved ones and your neighbours safe from harm.

The following guidance will prove useful should a major incident or emergency occur at your development, so please take the time to read this and revisit it as needed.

Q: Preparation

Always make sure that you, your family and any visitors are aware of the evacuation procedure and the location of all available emergency exits.

It is important to follow all guidance provided regarding the communal areas and fire risks, such as keeping fire doors shut, keeping the hallways clear of personal items, etc.

Q: Report it

If there is an imminent threat to life, or of serious injury, either to the residents or the general public, contact the emergency services immediately using 999 or 112.

If the situation is non-life threatening, contact your property manager between 9am and 5.30pm or the Out-of-Hours service at all other times. The Out-of-Hours number is: 0345 601 2422.

Please note that properties not subscribed to the service may incur a small administrative charge for using the service.

Q: Evacuation

Where an evacuation is necessary, please do so in a calm and orderly manner as soon as you can. Follow all instructions provided and keep an eye out for any updates coming from us or the emergency services.

Q: Communication

We will do all we can to communicate updates and information to residents when possible. Please ensure you have provided us with all necessary contact information so we can update you as quickly as possible. Refer to our data protection policy on our website if you have concerns about the use of your data.

Q: Remain Calm

Major incidents and emergencies can be stressful, especially if information is not forthcoming. Our priority is your safety and we will provide updates as soon as practically possible.