Contractor Accreditation Scheme

Contractor Accreditation Scheme


This service is provided by B-hive Property Solutions, powering HML.

As part of everyday residential management duties, HML instruct suppliers and contractors on behalf of their clients. We are increasingly asked by our clients what measures we have taken to ensure the contractors we use are as far as possible compliant with best practice, health and safety, and relevant legislation and which in certain cases has led us not to be able to use some contractors.

The B-hive Contractor Accreditation Scheme has commenced and is administered centrally through B-hive Property Solutions Essential Services. The scheme forms part of an integrated contractor management system that will ensure that Work Orders can only be issued to approved contractors and that invoices cannot be paid to a contractor who has not previously registered.

We have made the scheme as simple as possible as the intention is not to add an unnecessary administrative burden onto our valued contractors. However, it does mean that we will require certain information from you in order for us to process your application. The information required includes basic company information, insurance documents, Health & Safety compliance and relevant trade memberships/qualifications.

An approved contractor will be registered on a centralised database and can be accessed by all property managers across all HML Offices and B-Hive partners. B-hive’s Central Operations team will ensure that any one particular trade is not over-subscribed in any geographic location, which will ensure that those approved to the scheme see their proportion of trade with HML clients increase.

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