New South Quarter – Latest Update

Tuesday 20th March – 16:40 pm

We can confirm that a meeting was held on site today with a loss adjuster who has been appointed by the buildings insurers. It was a very positive meeting and it was agreed that the following items could be included within the claim:

1. All costs relating to securing damaged front doors
2. All costs relating to replacing and making good the damaged front doors which is being arranged at present.
3. Replacement glass in the Rose Court entrance.
4. All engineer call out costs to reset various systems following the power outage.
5. Reasonable alternative accommodation costs (these can be submitted to HML to coordinate).

The items which cannot be claimed for are personal losses such as the contents of fridge / freezers which perished during the power outage and loss of earnings for anyone unable to go work. These items are not insurable risks under the current policy and residents will need to make claims under their own insurance. There can be no exceptions to this as we have received a vast number of calls today in relation to such claims and we remind residents that NSQ Residents Management Company Ltd (which all leaseholders are members of), was not at fault for the power outage and therefore is not liable for these costs.

Going back to the front door repairs and the timescales for making good, we can confirm that in addition to the loss adjuster being on site today, two sets of contractors are measuring up to quote for the replacement doors. We have no option but to replace the front doors on a like for like basis as we cannot change the external appearance of the apartments, this means that we have to order in exactly the same, 60 minute fire rated doors once the quote is approved. The door openings vary slightly in size so there will need to be some adjustments made during installation which is why all doors have been measured and we could not obtain standard costs. We will keep residents updated on timescales.

Finally, although this claim has to be made through the building insurance, they will seek to recover these costs through the motor insurance of the individual that caused the incident so that it does not have a negative impact on the premium.

With regards to the alternative accommodation, please send receipts to so that we can include them in the claim. As mentioned previously, only reasonable costs will be accepted by the insurers.