HML Concierge

HML Concierge is an extension of HML’s service offering and was designed to complement our property management solution. We provide skilled concierge and on-site staff, who are both knowledgeable and multi-faceted, meaning they can tend to multiple tasks at hand, helping to alleviate any concerns associated with staff management.

All staff are employed by both HML Concierge and the client.

We recognise that employing reliable and knowledgeable site staff is essential for the smooth running of a property. Acting as the property’s ‘eyes and ears’, they are invariably the first point of call when any issues arise.

Training, management and well-being are critical to this process and we are committed to ensuring that all staff are able to provide the highest level of service.

What we do

For a percentage fee (15% of the total salary bill), HML Concierge can offer a fully comprehensive service, which includes the following:

  • A Payroll Service using a dedicated HML Concierge Payroll Administrator, which includes overtime calculation, P60 and year end forms, pension scheme set up and administration.
  • HR Guidance from our qualified HML Concierge dedicated Senior HR Advisor, including the use of a comprehensive HR system for the storing of documents, booking of holidays and logging sickness.
  • Day to day management of staff, including appraisals (currently undertaken by Property Managers). Additional support provided by HML Concierge.
  • Full Employers Liability Insurance. HML Concierge takes away all liability of the employment of staff away from the client. This is the case even when the employee is jointly employed by both HML Concierge and the client.
  • Basic Health & Safety training. This includes an analysis of job roles to establish what further training will be required (further training would be chargeable, but where it can be done by our H&S team then preferred rates will be applied).
  • The ability to centrally order estate supplies using a preferred supplier and as a result obtaining competitive prices.

Whilst the site staff’s line manager is ultimately the Property Manager, if you have any issues or queries relating to the services provided by the HML Concierge team, please do not hesitate to contact