HML Concierge COVID-19 Update

HML Concierge Employed Staff Measures

Update Published 04.11.2020

Further to the Government’s recent announcement in regards to the lockdown that will commence on the 5th November, we have taken the time to consider our client’s needs in regards to their site staff and how best to abide by the new restrictions whilst ensuring our clients and the residents continue to receive the service that they require at their buildings. We have therefore taken the approach to liaise individually with each of our clients that have HML Concierge employed staff to understand what their preferences are and also opened communication with our employees to ensure they agree with the decisions that are being made on the basis that the majority of our site staff are unable to complete their work at home.

After the easing of the first lockdown, we went to great lengths to ensure all of our site staff can work safely and that remains our priority for those employees that will continue to attend the buildings to complete their work.

Where clients have agreed to furlough employees our payroll department will, as part of the process, apply through the Government portal and all claim money will be credited back accordingly once received.

If any further information is required then please do not hesitate to contact your property manager or Kate Bowes – Director of HML Concierge –

Update Published 01.07.2020

HML’s Concierge services have fully resumed, with all staff adhering to social distancing rules and employing the use of PPE where required.

Update Published 27.03.20

We understand that there are a lot of mixed messages coming from the Government, as well as the media, in terms of what this partial lockdown means. This is particularly pertinent for our site staff and the services at your development. On the one hand the Government have stated not to travel to work unless it is impossible to work from home, whereas other messages have suggested that only essential/key workers should go to work during the lockdown.

To avoid confusion, we have decided that we will follow the advice of our governing body, ARMA, who have advised the following:

With social distancing in mind, onsite staff should be kept to a minimum, and it’s important that onsite teams have access to adequate hand wash, hand sanitiser, etc., to ensure they respect the personal hygiene measures.

Onsite employees who are not working can be furloughed, so their wages can be maintained through the Government scheme. Please note that this must be employer-led.

As mentioned above, ARMA, along with other industry bodies, have written to the housing secretary with a list of core professions we believe should be added to the key worker and essential services list, as we aware that onsite staff have some vital duties including building access, security, safety and other personal services.

Where clients believe that their onsite staff provide essential services, we have been discussing this on a case by case basis and then, where possible, come to an agreement that satisfies the Government guidelines, as well ensuring the employee/s are happy with the arrangement. This can include amending duties and ensuring that the use of public transport to attend the site is not necessary. We also ask that all residents respect the social distancing guidelines when communicating with onsite staff and where possible communicate via phone or email in the first instance.

In regards to the possibility of furloughing staff, we are still waiting for further clarification on the logistics of this from the Government and HMRC. We will hopefully be able to provide further information to those clients that have requested staff be furloughed in the next week.

In the meantime, if you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact either your Property Manager or you can email Kate Bowes.

Kate Bowes – Director of Concierge

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