“I just wanted to email you and say thank you for getting the heating sorted.
There was a lot of moaning and complaining done by everyone including myself. But we finally got there. I have to say it was good to see you on site even know I did not introduce myself. I know that would have been very stressful having to deal with all of the residents but having your presence on site was a comfort to many. After having to send such negative emails I felt it would wrong and rude of me not give praise where needed. I really hope you have a good and peaceful weekend.”
-Tenant at Altitude 25

“I would just like to send you a quick message congratulating our property manager on his efforts at Ascot Corner. I know it is usually the bad things that get picked up and you get to hear but this time it is nothing but praise. Since he took over the site everything from dealing with situations, issues, breakdowns, call outs right down to correspondence with everyone he has been on top of everything and dealt with it. The residence and us the client have all said that everything has changed for the better, and that is all down to him. Please pass on our thanks, gratitude and congratulations to him for us and tell him to keep up the excellent work.” – Director at Ascot Corner